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"A pilot (nautic) is an experienced sailor, asked to come on board to maneuver ships through dangerous, congested or unknown waters, such as harbors or river mouths."
Since many years Mark has been accompanying and representing global enterprises in German speaking markets; mostly consumer goods companies located outside of Germany.

huge population, high average income and giant retailers define Germany as Europe's largest consumer goods market and usually serve as main arguments for corporate CEOs abroad to declare Germany to one of their key target markets.

Retail trade is the third largest generator of revenue in Germany (after industry and crafts).
Unfortunately the market is extremely competitive.

With German as mother tongue and a native instinct of German business culture, Mark managed to open and/or expand markets and succesfully build interfaces between B2B-customers and corporate organisations. Thus enabling product development, sales, service and marketing departments to reach mutual sales goals.

What started as a personal data collection about German retail in order to grow an own 
database of business intelligence, was soon expanded to more complex data science and analysis.

Today and in spare time, Mark enjoys publishing overall market knowledge on a regular basis to a growing audience of up to
5,500 monthly readers in a relevant target group. Sharing, exchanging and learning within a professional community is a major motivation.

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