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Saliha "Sally" Özcan is an award-winning German-Turkish teacher, entrepreneur and web video producer. Under Sallys Welt she runs Germany's most successful YouTube channel in the category Cooking & Baking. Sally has been hosting TV shows on networks RTL and VOX. With 3.2 million followers on social media, she is also one of Germany’s most wide-reached influencers.

Paşabahçe is one of the three largest glass manufacturers in the world with headquarters in Istanbul. As part of the Sisecam Group, Paşabahçe produces glassware for well-known (beverage) brands, hospitality and retail at six production plants in Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia and Egypt.

A cordial contact ♥ connected lovely people at Sallys Welt and corporate Pasabahce, which succesfully led to a wonderful personal relation and cooperation in German speaking retail - online and offline - as well as social media.
Thanks, Volkan, for letting us use this catalogue reference! All fingers crossed for a long-term succesful cooperation!
Thanks, Volkan, for letting us use this catalogue reference!
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